Yuexiu Holding Limited Won the Title of "2013 China’s Influential Brands "
Release Date:2013-12-17 19:28:00

Centering on the theme of "spreading the positive energy to jointly build a China dream", the widely concerned 2013 China Business Leaders & Media Leaders Annual Conference & Top Brands Contributors Awarding Ceremony was held in Beijing on December 14, 2013. Yuexiu Holding Limited won the title of "2013 China’s Influential Brands ", while Yuexiu Property won the honorary title of "2013 China’s Best Growing Competence influential ". Yuexiu Holding Limited Deputy General Manager Tang Shouchun and Yuexiu Property Deputy General Manager Zhu Chen attended the activity on behalf of their respective enterprise.

Chinese Enterprise Leaders and Media Leaders Annual Meeting was jointly sponsored by China Association of National Advertisers in the charge of the State Council SASAC, Advertising College of Communication University of China and Public Diplomacy Research Institute of Renmin University of China, and co-organized by Guangming Daily and CCTV, which has become a landmark activity with the highest specification, the largest scale and the widest influence among the joint associations in the business circles and media circles in China. At the annual meeting, the excellent representatives from the business circles, media circles, advertising circles and art circles at home and abroad discussed mainly on the entrepreneurial spirit, enterprise social responsibility, media advertising trend, brand marketing innovation, art appreciation and trend as well as other important topics to make theme presentations and conversations, so as to arouse the innovative impetus of each other through the mutual exchange and discussion, profoundly interpreting the "China Dream" of Chinese brand communication circles.

Hailed as the Oscar of Chinese brand communication circles, "Brand Contribution Ranking" was also announced at the ceremony. Such award is designed with the industrial development as its own duty and with carrying forward and spreading the brand contribution as the purpose, to encourage the renowned enterprise brands and media as well as the entities and individuals with outstanding achievements that play a key role in the brand building. After preliminary review, Baidu search, CTR data verification and supervision as well as expert standing jury review, "2013 China’s Influential Brands’ Contribution Ranking" finally selected 41 award-winning lists of enterprise units, media units, advertising public relations corporations and brand leading figures.

Yuexiu Holding Limited has aroused wide concerns of all sectors of society by virtue of the rapid development and the rapidly enhanced brand influence in recent years. Yuexiu Holding Limited has been adhering to the concepts of "honesty, responsibility and innovation" to develop the "high-end, high-growth and high-performance" international modern service industry through industry-finance integration and dual-wheel driving with the "unceasingly transcending for more excellence" determined spirit, so as to continuously create value for shareholders, employees and the society; the core plate of Yuexiu Property is widely recognized by the consumer market due to its "high quality, honesty, responsibility, strength, public praise" and other brand characteristics.